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Custom Sports Orthotics… Wear What the Pros Wear

Now you can have a computer-designed custom sports othotics through the web. Each sport applies intense and abnormal weight and stress to specific areas of the feet and ankles; these parts are not constructed to bear these abnormal forces. The result can be fatigue, pain, loss of efficiency, or all three.

Our Custom Sports Orthotics will protect the stressed areas, and re-distribute the abnormal weight to the entire foot. Sports Orthotics can increase efficiency, allowing you to be a better athlete; and reduce fatigue so you can participate in your sport for longer periods of time. More importantly by making the correct accommodations for internal foot abnormalities, redirecting weight and stress, and supporting and stabilizing the feet and ankles, your pain will disappear.

Don’t Wait, improve your game and reduce the risk of injury today by getting your very own pair of Footcare Express Custom Foot Sports Orthotics Today! Order yours now!

View instructions to see how easy it is to get custom orthotics for sports through the web with our Custom Foot Orthotic Impressions QUICKMEASURE KIT.

You name your sport we will make you the perfect foot orthotic

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Running
  • Tennis

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As athletes improve performance and maximize efficiency, they rely more and more on sports medicine to surpass their performance threshholds. Sports medicine is focusing on biomechanics, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness to prevent and treat lower extremity injuries.

Custom foot orthoses are increasingly making their way on to professional and recreational playing fields. We should know we treat professional athletes all over the country.

When prescribed by a bio- mechanical specialist, a foot orthosis can enable the foot plane to more efficiently direct and distribute load through the rest of the body. Once an athlete’s entire system is in balance, he or she should notice improved performance and enjoy lower risk of injury. test

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View instructions to see how easy it is to get the very best custom sports orthotics the web with our Custom Foot Orthotic Impressions QUICKMEASURE KIT.


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